The End of the Journey

     Unfortunately, the previous post on Digital Privacy marked the end of this blog. Over the last month, I’ve covered a variety of topics, including Viral Marketing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, and Digital Privacy. Through my research finding, examples, personal knowledge, and class learning, I hope that I’ve presented some interesting posts about various […]

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Navigating Digital Privacy

    Backpacking through Europe is just a dream for many people, but for me it has become a reality. As I spend April travelling around this beautiful continent, full of history, photogenic building, and delicious food, I’ve noticed many cultural differences. In particular, something that quite shocking (and still catches me by surprise every […]

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Social Media: Is the French Wine Industry Falling Behind?

      In recent years, the growth of the Internet has revolutionized numerous industries, including the wine business. With this movement towards online communication, shopping, and research, it seems like the logical answer for companies to incorporate digital technologies into their marketing strategy. However, this is quite difficult to do in reality, especially in […]

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Viral Marketing Campaigns 101

      Viral marketing can be defined as a digital strategy that allows users to market to each other through the sharing of a company’s promotional material on social platforms. While this appears to be a simple and cost-effective marketing solution for any firm, the successful execution of this technique is very difficult in […]

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