Hello and welcome to my blog!

        My name is Ekaterina Korytko and I’m a business student at EM Strasbourg. As part of my Digital and High-Tech Marketing course, I was asked to create a blog where I share my thoughts about the course material.

     In the following posts, I will be covering a variety of topics related to digital marketing, including Viral Marketing, Social Media, Privacy, and Affiliate Marketing. Why did I chose these topics? Well, simply put, they are the ones that truly stood out to me during the course and I wanted to research them further. An abundance of news articles and research papers surrounding these areas of digital marketing make it fascinating to read about and reflect on them.

   Long gone are the days when putting an advertisement in the newspaper was sufficient. Companies are now searching for new and creative ways to share their message with the world and competition for consumer loyalty is at an all time high. All marketers are trying to answer the same question: what can I do to differentiate my brand from all the others out there? The presence of digital media makes this both easier, by connecting brands to customers across the globe instantaneously, and more difficult because we know so little about how this digital world works. As companies learn to navigate the complex world that is digital marketing, it’s exciting to keep up with new trends, successful campaigns, and lessons learned.

      With my posts, I wish to educate readers on new trends in digital marketing, and draw in current real-world events that relate to the topics discussed, all while using what we learned in class as a base for my research. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my blog, and I look forward to reading any feedback you may have!